COVID-19- Is it really a cause of delaying elections in Hong Kong?

As the elections were just going to be held in Hong Kong but everything took halt due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country. No one ever expected that the explosion of this virus could cause such a situation that it will impact all the sectors in the economy. The reports suggest that the government of Hong Kong has made a press release that there will be no legislative elections on the date scheduled.

They are postponed for a specific time period until everything will become routine. Yes, the elections have been delayed for one year due to the wide outbreak of the corona pandemic in society. But the opponents are not accepting this thing as they think that it was a strategy for delaying the selection.

Words of the chief executive regarding the postponement of elections

  • The chief executive of Hong Kong, Mr. Carrie lam, suggested that it is really a very tough decision. The elections are an essential part of any of the countries as people have to choose their new representative, but it is crucial for delaying the election because of the enormous spread of the virus in the country.

  • Public safety and health are their essential desire because if they are safe, then elections can be conducted anytime. In other countries like USA and India, millions of people are affected by this deadly virus. This is why it is essential to pause all the significant activities to protect mankind from this virus.

  • As you know that the voting day is an essential day in the history of the ay city. Millions of people usually participate in voting for their deserving candidates on this day. This multiple the risk of infection of COVId-18 among the people. However, various social distancing rules have been implemented by the government. But still, they are not followed by the people, and the government does not want to take the chance of seeing people infected, leading to a massive loss for the country.

  • Even many of the citizens of China are on different continents and are deserving citizens to vote in the elections, but due to the outbreak of COVID-19, it is not possible for them to vote, which is another cause of shifting the dates of elections to another year. All the counties have imposed travel restrictions just for the people safety, and it cannot be compromised as the health of the people is more precious for them.

What was the reaction of opposition?

The opposition party of the legislative council election was blown off by hearing the news of a delay in the elections. This is because they were having a clear hint of winning in this election. This is because the people were highly disappointed by the former party and their service as the current government. Actually, their wish was to attain the victory and sweep down the new national security law, which is creating issues for several people.

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Politics And Religion – Functions Of Political Systems!

Today Politics in any nation is all about money with its capitalism or religion. Many people misunderstand politics; its not only about voting and making the government. Religion in politics covers different themes identified with the impacts of religion on politics. Religion has been professed to be “the wellspring of the absolute most surprising political activations of our occasions. Different religion of a nation has other political impacts.

Many issues and debates arise on the role of politics in religion every year. Religious politics-focused issues may incorporate, yet are not confined to, those concerning the chance of faith, use of religious law, and the benefit to spiritual guidance. Politics, described as social relations including authority or power, rule a religious affiliation when the religion isn’t, now, appropriate; the usable words being social, and power.

Politics and religion are regularly laced, although in a not obvious pack. At whatever point there are people, politics and religion are accessible moreover. It is because the two are naturally human signs of traditional associations. Politics and religion are there to serve humanity.

Perspectives and Opinions About Politics and Religion!

  • Religion and politics are incredibly close to home subjects, and numerous individuals have solid convictions about them. Thus, they are considered forbidden in amenable conversations. Wars are as yet being battled about the topics. Numerous individuals aren’t available to novel thoughts. They accept their perspectives on religion or, potentially, politics is the right one.
  • The connection between religion and politics encountered careful rebuilding regarding the early mod-ern secularization measures, which prompted the advanced secular state’s development. In comparison, the previous century has seen a horde of regularly conflicting uses of the idea of secularization. Finally, most social researchers today concur on the recorded illustrative origination of secularization. They name it as the cycle of separation of the secular circles.

The integration of politics and religion!

  • Religion and politics are ideas that assign two very ent and associated subsystems of society. Even though the concepts are isolated logically, the connection between religion and politics is described by relationships. Politics is a religion, and religion is politics. They may vary to a few, yet they are unquestionably associates, for they are so firmly entwined that they can be supposed to be ‘as one.’
  • Religion and Politics is an interdisciplinary major between the law, Departments of Government and Religious Studies. The significant continue under two suspicions. Religious wonders are a crucial and frequently fundamental segment of political examination. Second, the political ramifications of spiritual practices, convictions, and organizations are essential to investigating religion. To sum things up, this significant gives understudies a unique understanding of political elements and upgrades their capacity to evaluate religion’s effect on politics.

Final thoughts!

Many people don’t believe in integrating politics and religion, and this thinking is right somewhere. Indeed, even in stable princely majority rule governments, religion is an incredible impact on political inclinations.

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