Impact Of Covid-19 On Elections

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The second wave of the covid-19 virus is no doubt more dangerous than the first one. With cases increasing with a large magnitude, 2021 seems to be no different than 2020. Last year, during the same time, people thought that everything would go back to normal in a year, but it turned out that the virus had different plans. Out of the many things that are getting affected by this, elections, not just domestic but also International, have also come to a sudden halt. With the isolation of political leaders, death of Important political figures, and postponement of certain political activities that govern countries worldwide, covid-19 has certainly affected politics in a very influential way.

But apart from politicians suffering and legislative activities getting suspended, the elections are also affected because of certain other reasons. Some of these are mentioned below:

The fear of infection among the voters

If elections are held, then it is likely that people, especially the elderly and those who are more prone to getting infected, will not vote. As a result, only selective people will be voting based upon favouritism, and their vote may lead to the power going into the wrong hands. This, in the long term, will not be a good decision for any democratic country. It is said that democracy is the government for the people and by the people, but if the public itself is not benefited from it, it is of no use. Therefore, it would be better not to conduct elections if the majority of the population cannot participate in them.

The elections of France in 2020

For example, the French local elections held during 2020 to elect the mayors turned out to be a huge disaster. This was because only about 63.5% of eligible voters participated in them. It ultimately led to a significant increase in coronavirus cases and related deaths.

The case of USA elections in 2020

Another great example is that of the United States of America. In 2020, after a long series of virtual rallies, dismissed conventions, rescheduling of debates, etc. when the elections were finally held, and ballots and public votes were sent by the medium of the post, no one else other than one of the most powerful candidates, Mr Donald Trump got tested positive for covid-19. It is depressing and, at the same time, a kind of eye-opener for the current Indian government to not make the same mistake. Not just that, after the elections in the US, the condition of the general public of the United States got so worse that it ended up becoming the second most affected country due to covid-19 last year.

The bottom line

All in all, since elections are one of the most important activities to take place in a democracy, therefore the participation of most of the public plays an extremely important role in the formation of the government. And that is why even if the elections are held anytime soon, they would not be fair or justified in any manner. Hence, covid-19 has no doubt impacted the elections and democracies in a highly negative way.

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The Importance Of Political News In The World

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The society wherein they all exist is very unique; it is governed by and for the people. Without us, the planet may not have progressed as much as it does. If it hadn’t been for humanity, the planet would have been devoid of such items as trains, automobiles, computers, the telephone, among many more. Humans are, without a doubt, the most powerful civilization to have ever existed on this planet. Humans have since been able to travel to locations across our world, and their determination does not end there. This evolution and growth have been guided by human interests and needs. And if humans have progressed so far, it would not have been possible without adequate supervision and discipline. Even in a small party, the group leader is the one that listens to everyone’s thoughts and then acts on them.

Similarly, leaders are the ones who make decisions about an entire country.

The political situation around the world:

Political leaders, by nature, are leaders that, at any level of government, represent a wide segment of society. If a politician stands for office and is appointed, he or she would become an elected official and then works to improve society. Politics is derived from leaders, and in popular parlance, they are practises associated with making decisions and taking steps for the sake of society. Legislators’ and elected officials’ reputations have been severely tarnished in recent years. What was intended to set a precedent for humanity and to serve as a father figure for the common people is now associated with cheating, theft, and treachery of the ordinary folk.

Legislators are increasingly engaging in corrupt government in order to further their personal ambition and interests. Democracy is becoming so cynical that finding an honest person is becoming very difficult. In certain parts of the country, the system is so broken that leaders engage in large-scale criminal acts in order to gain influence and then plunder the ordinary people. In certain parts of the country, the situation is so dire that even notorious perpetrators win elections and become leaders as a result of their wealth and control.

Political News:

If a person would describe the current situation of the country in just one word, the correct answer would be turmoil. There are elections ongoing in five different states and among those states are covid hotspots such as West Bengal and Assam. India has surpassed every other country in term of daily active covid cases and also the number of total covid cases. Several factors are affecting, the number one factor being the constant rallies that political leader is organizing. also, the religious gathering that takes place across the country is affecting the covid situation very severely. But the main problem that has been consistent over the covid situation is the mentality and mindset of the masses. Many still refuse to acknowledge coronavirus as a threat and try to sweep the matter under the carpet. This is the state in which the country is in.

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