We Remember. We Resist. We Rise.

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Saturday, October 28, 11am
Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn, NYC

Communities across the city will remember, resist, and rise together.

Five years ago, Superstorm Sandy took lives, destroyed homes, and flooded subways. Like in Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, the people hit hardest by Sandy were the poor, people of color, immigrants, and our already most vulnerable communities.

New York’s elected officials must protect us from the impacts of climate change and lead a just transition to a renewable energy economy. We cannot wait any longer. On October 28th, we will assemble and march over the Brooklyn Bridge, and then rally at the Alfred E. Smith Houses in Manhattan.

On October 28th, let’s march to demand a better future.

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With the ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico we are compelled to address this issue as well. Under the umbrella of a Just Recovery and Relief Aid Package for Puerto Rico, grassroots leadership on the island has developed a set of demands in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. We support the call for massive funding to deal with the deadly shortages of water, food, medicines and other necessities. In addition, we support the demands in the full Just Recovery and Relief Aid Package that would put the island on the path toward regenerative energy, economic democracy, food sovereignty, control over land use, and community autonomy.


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  • The day will begin at 11 am at Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn.
  • There will be a pre-march rally featuring speakers from the communities hardest hit by Sandy 5 years ago, as well as music.
  • Contingents will gather here.
  • The closest subway stop is the High St-Brooklyn Bridge Station on the A and C lines, and the Borough Hall Station on the 2 an 3 lines is a few blocks away.


  • The march is scheduled to begin at 12:30 pm.
  • When we leave the assembly area we will walk just one block over to the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • The very front of our march will be led by young people of color from many of the frontline and hardest hit communities of NYC. They will be followed by Sandy survivors, followed by Sandy first responders, followed by everyone else from every neighborhood of NYC!
  • Banners, posters and other art work will be distributed as people are gathering.
  • We’ll cross the Bridge and then head to ball field at the Alfred E. Smith Houses on Robert F. Wagner Sr. Place.

Closing Event

  • Depending on the pace of the march we will be arriving the Alfred E. Smith Houses sometime between 2:30 and 3:30pm.
  • We will be greeted at the Smith Houses Tenants Association along with several other speakers and lots of music. This program will begin at 2:30 pm.
  • The day will close with an massive arts project that everyone will be able to participate in.
  • The closest subway stops are the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall Station on the 4, 5 and 6 lines, and the Chambers St. Station the J and Z lines.

If you are not able to participate in the whole day that is fine and we welcome you to either come to the pre-march rally in Cadman Plaza Park or the closing event at Smith Houses. (See details above.)

What To Wear and What To Bring

  • We encourage everyone to wear blue as a sign of the water issues we face and as an expression of how we rise together as a wave of humanity.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather, and be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes!
  • Bring water and light snacks. It will be a long day and we are not able to provide drinks or food.
  • Bring your own signs and banners!! (Remember: no wooden or metal poles or sticks are permitted by the NY Police Dept.)
  • Bring musical instruments that are easy to carry.
Most importantly…bring your family, your friends, your co-workers, people you go to school with, etc. Bring everyone you can!


On October 28th, New Yorkers will come together to remember the lives lost and the damage incurred from Sandy. And we will do more than remember: we will demand our representatives go beyond the small steps they’ve taken so far, and champion bold and immediate climate action towards a just transition.

In solidarity with those who lost family members, homes, incomes, and security to Superstorm Sandy, we make the following demands of New York’s elected officials:



  • Get Sandy survivors back in their homes and repair damaged NYCHA and affordable housing, including addressing mold concerns. Halt developments on waterfront areas until cohesive climate assessments can be integrated; create a flood protection plan for the entire NYC shoreline that prioritizes vulnerable communities; and meaningfully work with communities for emergency preparedness and resiliency.
  • Divest New York City’s pension funds from the over $3 billion invested in fossil fuel companies driving climate change. Invest in the just transition to a renewable energy economy that works for all New Yorkers.
  • Create good union jobs by requiring all public and private buildings to upgrade to modern energy efficiency standards, while preserving affordable housing.



Pass the NYRenews policy platform in 2018. Commit New York State to 100% renewable energy, thousands of good union jobs and true environmental justice by making polluters pay for the climate-destroying pollution they dump into our air.



Stop Trump’s disastrous climate-killing agenda by fully funding the EPA, blocking McConnell’s dirty energy bill, and supporting legislation for 100% renewable energy.  


After the march, groups across New York City will be remembering Superstorm Sandy, honoring those whose lives were impacted and honoring the resilience of our communities. Join us on Sunday, October 29th in a neighborhood near you:


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On Saturday, October 28th, I will be marching for the #Sandy5 day of action, and I hope you will join me. This is the 5th anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, and as storms continue to ravage our coasts, I believe that New York City is long overdue for real action on climate change. Let me know if you want to march with me, and for more information about the march, check out the #Sandy5 website!
Where: Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn
When: Saturday, October 28
What: www.sandy5.org

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