How business journalism enhance economic and financial activities in society?

In today’s time, business journalism plays a crucial role in our society because there are various business ups and downs. One needs to b updated with this business news to grow and develop their mind from the business perspective. It makes a vital place in all over the world.

If you are a business enthuthioas, you need to be updated about the business world. Some of them are mentioned below.

So here I am discussing some business news.

  • Honda cars giving upto Rs 2.50 Lakh benefits on new purchases

On Friday, Honda announces its offer on new car purchasing giving upto Rs 2.50 lakh benefits, which are in various forms like discounts, warranties, maintenance, and exchanging to increase sales. This offers come with their new branded Amaze, 5th Gen City and civic, having upto Rs 30,000 benefits, which can be availed till 31 October across the country at all Honda dealerships.

These offers can also be availed by old Honda customers, formed in a bonus or claimed at exchanging time. Honda’s director said, “these offers are made by seeing the Covid-19 pandemic to enhance customers. Customers can buy at easy they offer low EMI packages.

  • HDFC bank try to pump up their credit growth by takes offers to rural India

HDFC Bank offers rural India or semi-urban areas to grow in their credit by using its vast network of villages and some merchants to giving deals at the regional areas. Users can benefit from loans that include home loans, car loans, two wheeler loans, gold loans, white goods insurance, etc. this can be availed at a flat 5%-15% on various products.

It can also be accessed to discounts on loans and reduced EMI’s, which can be available during this period. It is also offering to process fees on Kisan gold loan and tractor loans booked in this period.

  • Hyundai India receives pre-booking of new Creta over 1.15 Lakh.

On Thursday, Hyundai Motor India received pre-books of new Creta over 1.15 Lakh across the country. Tarun Garg, Hyundai Motor Director, said it is only the immense love and trust of loyal customers who become a response to the Creta brand name. Fifty-eight thousand units of the new version were already sold, and there are 5.2 Lakh units of sales done since 2015. This enhances the company’s share to 26 percent in the SUV segment. The company’s passenger vehicle market also shares in the January-September period.

  • CLAT 2020 is refused to canceled by the Supreme Court

On Friday, the Supreme Court has refused to cancel the Common Law Admission Test(CLAT-2020) and make counseling of five candidates who were seeking to balance the exam to tell their offense to the committee. Justices informed the lawyer to consider the issue of the petition. Someone said that some questions were wrong in the online exam.

These are some business news that I have discussed above, and it shows how business journalism enhances our society’s financial activities and improves our skills exactly as using an instant cryptocurrency exchange would help you enhance your crypto exchange skills.



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