Is the news right that COVID-19 broke out in the world last year, but China claimed it first?

BLAGOVESHCHENSK, RUSSIA - FEBRUARY 1, 2020: Chinese citizens passing through a temporary corridor opened at a border checkpoint between Blagoveshchensk and Heihe. Temporary corridors are opened to return Russian and Chinese citizens to their countries as the Russian government orders to close the border with China as a measure to prevent the coronavirus spread. All the people passing through the temporary corridor are tested for the virus. The 2019-nCoV pneumonia-like coronavirus outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in late December 2019; according to the latest reports, about 11,000 people globally have been infected, 259 have died from the virus. Svetlana Mayorova/TASS/Sipa USA (Newscom TagID: sipaphotosten467261.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

Nowadays, the only topic which is broadcast by most of the new channels is regarding the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. No one was aware that within a very short time period, this virus would be shattering down the entire economy badly. Not only the economy but each and every sector would be facing a struggle that was really out of their knowledge. To rid yourself of the deadly infection, it is vital for you have a healthy and active lifestyle, and skating with a nice pair from could totally help you out.

The new is in the great trend that the Minister of China claimed that they had been given a mark about the cause of spreading the virus, but this is not at all true. They even mentioned that the Covid-19 outbreak in the different parts of the world, but the china was the first country to report it.

  • All the countries are dealing with China in a very bad manner as they are considering China as the main cause of virus spread in the entire world. Earlier the government of China was not responding to the blames marked by the other countries. But now they are clearly refusing to take the blame. They are only mentioning that they have only acted first and warned the country to get prepared for taking appropriate action for dealing with this pandemic.

  • The Hua Chunying, a foreign ministry spokesperson, mentioned that the COVID-19 is a new kind of virus that is spreading by taking new phases from time to time. The regular debates are going on in the news, and they only take credit for sharing the essential pathogens for dealing and handling the virus properly. But no one country is ready to accept this statement, which is mentioned by the Chinese government.

  • The statement was released by the Chinese ministry when the world health organization gives them a mark of origin of this COVID-19 virus. The reports suggested that currently, the virus has affected 50 million people in the entire world with the death of almost millions of people. The USA is the most affected country, which is reporting a thousand new cases in the regular routine. The probe of the origin of the virus has been sent to South China to get approval.

  • The Hua refused to take charge of this virus, as she mentioned that China had made the earliest decision to implement the lockdown and travel restriction to the entire world. At the time, there were only 9 confirmed cases of the virus, and the United States had only one case at that time. The second country to take a step was the US as they put a restriction for entry of china citizens to their border due to dozens of COVID positive in their country.

Thus, there is no vaccine for this virus, and you all are requested to protect yourself on your own. Even the news channels are requesting their viewers to follow proper social distancing rules and take care of yourself by using masks and sanitizers. This time, the only mask can cat as a vaccine to protect you from this killer virus.


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