Some of the updates regarding the USA president elections 2020

The elections are considered as one of the biggest festivals for the nationals of the country. People are very excited to vote and elect their new president. The elections are going to be held in the first week of November in the USA. The current president Donald Trump and Joe Biden are candidates form which people have to choose the deserving president for the world’s largest economy. It has been observed that both the presidents are giving their level best to convince their citizens to get their votes.

What about the first presidential debate?

  • Usually, three presidential debates are held, and Trump and Biden met for the first debate a few days ago, which was really very interesting. The debate was held in Cleveland, Ohio, by Chris Wallace of Fox news. The major topics of the discussion in the debate were The Supreme Court, Covid-19, and race and violence in the streets of the US.

  • The beginning of the debate was quite tensed, but after some time, it took the attention of all the viewers. Everyone was surprised by the moves that took place in the debate. After a few moments, a cascade of insults and interruptions took place by both the candidates. It was cleared that Donald Trump was trying to be more disruptive as he did not miss any chance of insulting Mr. Joe Biden.

  • The main argument was about job availability, which has been affected very severely after the outbreak of COVID-19 in the state. There is no doubt that Biden was right about the statement as the employment rate has fallen back to half value than what it was in April.

Updates regarding the second debate

To get the support of people, both the candidates are giving their best in performing the campaigns. But the second presidential debate has been canceled on Friday. This happened because the president, Donald Trump, refused to participate in the debate. Everything was cleared that he stepped back because of his encounter with the COVID-19 a few days ago.

The health commission has stated that due to the illness of Trump and the first lady, they have tried to shift the debate to another format. The proposal of this debate has been rejected by the president as he has planned to resume the rallies. The first rally will begin in Florida on the coming Monday.

What about the current status of the campaign?

A report suggests that the trump has announced that soon he is planning some new measures of campaigning. He will be conducting a couple of rallies in the upcoming weeks as now he has been treated for the illness. It is evident by the doctors that he is healthy enough to continue his task of convincing the citizens to get their precious votes.

Thus, it is cleared that both the candidates are giving their level for making space in the heart of people. The one who will be able to provide people assurity about fulfilling their desires as president will get elected as the president of the united states of America.


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