What are the political moves taken to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic?

If we talk about the politics of the country and the impact of COVID-19 on it, then every country is facing its politics to be dragged in the colossal disaster. Even in India, the political sector is under scrutiny. Although the virus is spreading at a tremendous level, politics is also facing a different situation on a regular basis. If you will access the media, they will indicate to you how the government is managing and giving their level best to manage the pandemic. People are facing issues like depression and anxiety by reviewing the reports of outbreaks of the virus. In times like this, we need some sort of safety net, especially financially – that’s where playing casino and sports betting via would come in handy.

Moves made by the government to help the people.

  1. There is no doubt in the fact that the huge loss of human life has taken place due to the widespread of the COVID-19 virus among the audience. People just have a question in their mind that is the virus will affect the same virus outbreaks occurred in the 14th century.

  2. The leading brands are medicine manufacturers are trying their best to work on the vaccine of the virus. But the people are facing lots of issues due to a fall in the employment rate of the economy. The government has launched various schemes for offering the benefits of the people. This is to assist them to live without any worrying in this pandemic situation.

  3. The various food packages and loans schemes have been announced by the government so that the unemployed people and their families can easily survive in this medical emergency like situation. The package of 5 kg wheat to the per head of the family has been announced for the people below the line of poverty, which is really a great initiative for helping them.

What about the initiatives taken by politicians of other countries?

The government of all the countries has acted in a different manner to deal with global pandemic. They have tried to show their political concern and support towards their citizens. If we talk about Canada, they have announced the Canadian emergency response benefits. For every citizen who has lost their work and is not able to earn for their livings, it will be provided $2000 for the four months. All the employees, whether regular or part time, will be able to get benefit from this scheme.

What about the condition of India?

  1. Besides various packages announced by the government of different countries, the Indian government has not announced such a package which can provide relief to the workers who work on daily wages. This resulted in their migration from one place to another in search of work and taking care o their family.

  2. A large group of workers from various regions chooses the way of returning back to their towns to keep their families safe. The risk of the spread of the COVID virus was raised to a higher level due to the migration crisis. The government was not having an idea about it, but it leads to huge loss of lives of some of the migrants


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