Politics Being Taken As A New Hobby By Citizens Because Of Social Media

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Politics is no more the business of middle adulthood men and women participating and taking a keen interest in it. Now teens are one of the most involved citizens in political matters. There is a rise of awareness among people worldwide, and most young people are not afraid to voice their opinions. Initially, older people looked down on as they thought it was of no concern to the new generation to get themselves into the “important adult matters” that should be rightly dealt with. But with the advancement of digital platforms, there are discussions every day about political matters among people across the countries. Now the world is considered one large union; an important issue in different nations is the concern of everyone, and people make a point that they show support against injustice.

Elections and the controversies

One of the most controversial topics is the elections. Every citizen has their own opinion about the candidates. There are debates worldwide during the time of choosing the right person to represent their rights. Now the people have become more woke than before. Again social media has a huge role to play in world matters. It is changing the way people think. Social media has a great power to influence people into taking action. Now citizens solely don’t vote just because they like a candidate; there take calculated steps adopted, which involves searching all the information about them and analyzing their past. Elections are one of the fairest ways to choose people to govern the country. Previously it was considered “okay” not to take any interest in politics and avoid giving votes, but now this act is not accepted by people. There is also an option of none of the above (nota) accessible for those who don’t place their trust in any candidate.

Announcements related to elections

The most awaited day is the election announcement. This can be a high-stress situation for everyone as people are eager to see who will run their country. There are constant updates by the news channels, or within seconds news can be searched on the net.

News channels and their role in the overall scenario

In recent times new channels are criticized the most because of giving provoking news announcements or sometimes giving half information to people. It is clear now that people cannot be fooled in any area as they have the superpower of their mobile devices. The authenticity of the information is checked on the internet. Sometimes the news media is claimed to give synthesized data to the citizens corrupted by certain political powers.

People’s priority should be fulfilled by the elected representative because if this is not looked after, there is hardly any doubt that people will shy away from bringing it to their notice. As days go by, citizens are getting more aware of how things should be done, and it is a brilliant way to be aware of world affairs.


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