World Food Programme (WFP) Is Combating With World’s Hunger

The United Nations World Food Programme got this year’s Nobel peace prize for fighting with the issue of hunger around the world. WFP helps and delivers food to the communities which are affected by the war or are vulnerable at the way of helping themselves. WFP was founded in 1961 and is serving till the present date. This programme has helped in a lot of global emergencies, and last year they assisted 97 million people in 88 countries.

They get their main amount of funding from the government. The largest sources of its funding come from Germany, the US, and the UK. Some corporations and some individuals interested in donating for the food services also contribute funds to WFP. If you wish to donate on the cause but is a little short in funds, you might want to play 바카라 사이트 online and try to win money for your personal expenses as well. 

Current areas of work

The main goal of this programme is to make peace all over the world by providing all the vulnerable communities the food security, which will also help them with improved nutrition in people. WFP is also allowing people to have a wide range of projects, which are mainly for making the chains of food supply really strong; it is also providing local markets and some help when there are risks regarding the local climate risks.

Let’s move on to the current areas of work:

# Yemen

Almost half of Yemen’s population is being fed by WFP, i.e., 13 million people. Yemen is having problems with poverty, and due to the problems that the country is always getting tossed into civil war, there is often a need for the food supply. Yemen has an inferior infrastructure, and the resources are very limited there. There are no international countries that are cooperating, and the funds are not supplied to them at all.

Yemen’s is near the breaking point at the matter of humanitarian crisis because the donors have stopped with their donations to the WFP, which they announced in April. This is the reason all the food chains of supply is obstructed.

# South Sudan

Even though South Sudan got its independence from Sudan in 2011, it is still facing poverty and lack of food. With the lack of food supply, there is a lot of violence that is not ethical and is between South Sudan citizens. 

60% of the population, which is almost 7 million people, are facing everyday struggles for getting food to eat for their basic survival. WFP has provided a lot of aids of food to half a million people and cash assistance with school meals. WFP has helped people get out of the problems of malnutrition. 

Other challenges:

There are a lot of successes, but a lot of countries have cut the funding, which has made WFP’s work hindered in many areas. Despite that, COVID-19 has also sabotaged the ability of the good work that was performed by the WFP. Due to this pandemic, WFP cannot perform the supply of food because all the countries have closed their borders from any outsiders to stay safe from the outbreak of the virus.



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