The New Found Interest Of Hollywood Actors In Politics

The presidential elections are taking place on 3 November 2020. The nominees are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who are campaigning against Donald Trump and Mike Pence. This election that is happening in 2020 is being called the most important one in modern history. This is the most famous one because of the pandemic going on as well as due to the ongoing movement of racial justice. 

 Many Hollywood celebrities are endorsing the elections and are talking about who they are voting for in this coming November. Let’s see what they have got to say:

  1. Taylor Swift for Biden & Harris: Taylor Swift has announced that she will indeed be voting and will be going for the Joe Biden for the president. She said that she would vote for him because there needs to be a president who knows that all colored skin people deserve the feeling of safety and that they are being represented by someone who genuinely cares about the issue.
  1. Leonardo DiCaprio for Biden & Harris: Leonardo and his mom were spotted on the fundraiser that was by Biden before the lockdown due to the pandemic began. He also posted on Instagram backing up for him.
  1. John Voight for Trump & Pence: John is always posting about how he admires Donald Trump and is also asking all his following to vote for him at the presidential elections.
  1. Cardi B for Biden & Harris: Cardi B also announced that she would be supporting Joe Biden. She also gave a list of issues that she is hoping to address and take care of properly.
  1. Scott Baio for Trump & Pence: Scott Baio has been supporting Trump for many years; he even spoke at the 2016 RNC on behalf of the Donald trump. It is being said that he will be speaking on behalf of him this year also.
  1. Mindy Kaling for Biden & Harris: Mindy Kaling was also running for her own presidential in the preceding years, and she was a supporter of Harris. The time when Joe Biden announced Harris as his partner who would be running the elections with him, Mindy was totally Up and about for it. She expressed her feelings on Instagram about how the woman of color means a lot for her getting into the presidential.
  1. Lin-Manuel Miranda for Biden & Harris: The talented creator of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, also endorsed Biden in July month. He said that he is going to vote for him because he thinks that the democracy there is at stake, and Joe Biden can help with those issues.

These are some of the celebrities showing their support in public, there are more of them, and most of the celebrities are voting for Joe Biden because they think that he will bring democracy in the country and lead to the country’s betterment. At the same time, the celebrities supporting Donald Trump are saying that he has done a great job till now and may get better at it.




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